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One thing I love is a well-fitted tailored suit. This white and black tuxedo style suit from Zara doesn’t owe me anything...

One thing I love is a well-fitted tailored suit. This white and black tuxedo style suit from Zara doesn’t owe me anything. The fit of this suit makes me feel like a boss at a Monday morning office meeting. Zara has been my go-to when it comes to tailored and good quality material suits, and well worth the price point. Although you should not wait long to snag your suit, because they do not stick around for long.

Unfortunately, this particular suit is not in the DFW store location, nor did I see it online to link it here for you to purchase. However, they do have this black tuxedo jacket with these black tuxedo pants to match. Since Spring is knocking at our door, I do have this yellow blazer and yellow pants to match in my shopping cart. It is a must have for me.

I had this particular suit in a suit bag hanging up in my closet roughly since August of 2018. My plan was to wear it to my rehearsal dinner, but I opted not to in favor of a different look. The thought of “Where am I going to wear this to now”, ran across my mind, but I figured that since neon green is a current fashion trend, I could accent the suit for a needed pop of color. Needless to say, the color combinations flowed well together. The pants snatched the waist and sat perfectly in the right places. In this photo you can see the buttons on the side for chic detail.

After searching high and low for a neon green lace bodysuit, I finally found one that would match perfectly with a pair of heels that I purchased. The bodysuit has adjustable straps on each shoulder, an open back with mesh, and lace in the front for added detail. The lace, mesh, and color made it easy for the bodysuit to be versatile for different seasons.

Once I purchased the bodysuit, I made sure that the next thing I did was find the perfect pair of neon green heels to pair with the bodysuit. I am a big shopper on Instagram and I love finding different clothing and shoe stores that are based in the UK. Yes, ordering from different foreign websites can be tricky when it comes to finding the right size, which may result in you having to make a return just to find the perfect size. I logged onto one of my frequent UK shoe stores, and I found a pair of neon green open toe, strappy heels.

This particular heel is currently sold out but here are a few other options to pick from that I love as well. If you loved this look and have any questions or comments, drop them below and I’ll be sure to get with you.

Shop my links and I hope that you find something that fits you. Enjoy!

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