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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Do you want to turn heads for the right reason? Wear neon.

Spring is here, and the vibrant neon trend is going to for sure brighten up your spring wardrobe colors. I think that it is safe to say that neon is and will continue to be one of the biggest trends of 2019. Toss the darks to the back of the closet and pick up the bright pieces because neon is here, as if it has a point to prove. It appears that neon is taking over our Instagram feed daily, and you cannot miss it, literally. Don’t believe me? Click on the microscope icon on your Instagram account and get to scrolling for 5 seconds. You may not even need 5 seconds. Just click the symbol and it may just be a picture there screaming, “Neon!”

An 80’s trend has been brought back, but this time with a different twist on it. Neon was trendy then and now even more so during this time. The vibrant color can be found not only just on shirts, but also trousers, bodysuits, dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, shoes, and accessories. Therefore, if you are loving the neon trend just as well as I am, you have several options to choose from to incorporate neon into your wardrobe. Neon is not for the faint hearted, so if being dressed in neon from head to toe isn’t your thing and you like to keep things subtle, throw on a cute neon top with a pair of trousers or jeans to complete your look.

A lot of influencers are digging the neon trend and I’d be telling a tale if I said I wasn’t digging the trend with the rest of them. However, I figured that I’d snap up a few photos to show you how I owned the neon color, just in case you are straddling the fence with fear because of its bold color. I am a faithful online shopper, so when I saw this teddy fur neon jacket along with this neon green bodysuit, I knew I had to snag it before they were all out of stock. I couldn’t resist! You have to wear it with confidence and show your own fashion sense. Ever heard the saying, “Don’t let the clothes wear you”? Well, keep that in mind when you are trying to decide if you should wear that neon item.

I picked up a pair of black vinyl skinny leg trousers at the beginning of 2019 and originally planned to wear them with a neon color, but I was still trying to figure out just how I would pair them. The pair that I originally purchased are out of stock, but I linked a similar pair if you are interested. I knew that after I purchased the jacket and bodysuit that I needed to accessorize for this street style look. Low and behold, I went to the “Accessories” tab and found a pair of black rounded half frame retro sunglasses. You can find the link to some of my favorite neon heels in my blog titled Suited and Laced Up

If you are wanting to spice up your wardrobe, you should gravitate towards some of the vibrant colors such as neon green, hot pink, bright orange, and electric blue. Don’t hesitate to shop the links that I have provided for you, as though some of these items don’t stay on the market long. Please leave any questions or comments you have below. Enjoy!

XO, Brittiany

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