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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "pink"? I'll tell you what comes to my mind...

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "pink"? I'll tell you what comes to my mind. I think about Bubblicious Bubble Gum, Bubble Yum, cotton candy, strawberry ice cream and pink starburst. We can tell who has a sweet tooth, right? Enough of that, and let's talk about "pink" in the fashion world for a minute. I couldn't wait for the weather here in Texas to warm up a tad bit to be able to wear some of the large range of spring/summer colors on the color palette. I was on my neon kick for the month of March, and don't get me wrong I will still be rocking it throughout the current and coming seasons, but I just had to tap into pink to kick off April. Sometimes we can get so stuck on one color as if there are not more to choose from. If you are one that likes to stick to a select few of colors, that's fine, but this fashionista here likes to expand her horizons on the color palette.

Since the weather here in Texas has been like a seesaw these past few weeks, I was more than ready to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a stroll in the downtown area to snap a few photos in this cute sporty blazer and trouser co-ord. You don't have to always turn your blazer and cropped trouser co-ord into a business look, which is so great about this two piece. It allows you to be versatile, because as most of us Southerners know, just because the sun is out in the day, it is great to have a light jacket along with us for when the breeze gets to be a little too breezy and the sun starts to fade for the night. This tall tailored blazer hung right at the upper thigh area, which allows you to be able to conceal certain areas of your body that you are conscious about. The sleeves on the blazer were the perfect length to cover the entire arm, instead of stopping right above the wrist.

I decided that I did not want to wear the usual white v-neck or crew neck t-shirt with this set, because let's be honest, it can become quit boring and I just needed to give this co-ord a little spiciness. Snake skin print is very trendy right now and can be found in a variety of colors and styles, so I said, "Why not merge the print into this look as well?" I wanted to keep the look street chic at the same time, and this high neck bodysuit hugged my waist area perfectly to give the waist a slimmer look with the tailored trousers. The fitted bodysuit and loose fitting trousers added a balance with the entire outfit.

The cigarette high-wasted styled trousers with the belt fit really well in the waist area, which was one of my concerns when I purchased this co-ord. I love a good cropped pair of trousers and these were the exact fit I was going for. One thing about this entire set is that you don't have to wear it together at the same time. The blazer can be paired with a pair of mom jeans, and the trousers can be paired with a cute crop top and or v-neck with a cute pair of mules.

In order to keep this outfit cute, chic, comfortable, and relaxing, I figured that I would throw on a pair of original white classic shell toe Adidas. Your girl can attest to the fact that walking in heels for hours, regardless if they are Louboutin or not, your feet will still ache after being in them for long periods of time, especially walking on concrete. I automatically tossed the heel idea to the side and decided to put a spin on this look by wearing sneakers.

The silver framed aviator shades were added to this look to match the silver accessories that I was wearing and the white and clear vinyl faux leather-trim tote helped to accent the bodysuit and the sneakers. Needless to say, I am pleased with the turn out of this look, and I hope that you are inspired to create your own street chic style.

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XO, Britt

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