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Manifesting on my birthday

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

My 30th Birthday is finally here and so is my blog! I've been working so hard on this...

Happy 30th birthday to me...

My blog is finally here, and I am so happy to be able to share with you what I have been working tirelessly on for the past few months. I’m ready to give you all of the fashion styles, the latest beauty products, and numerous tips related to health and fitness. You guys have sent me numerous messages asking me, “What are you doing”, and now that I have let you in on the big surprise I hope that you are just as excited about this launch as I. This is not only for me, but for you as well. I was taught not to be selfish and to give back where ever and whenever I can. With that being said, this is my way of giving to you.

Let’s be transparent for a moment, because I would like to give you a bit of insight on the twist and turns of my journey since I first thought about being a blogger. How many times have you logged on to Instagram, Facebook, and or SnapChat and thought to yourself, “She/He takes really nice photos, I want to take nice photos? How the heck does he/she have all of these followers, and I haven‘t experienced as much growth in followers since last year? How are they getting these collaborations, and I purchase clothes from this company as well?” I was that girl sitting there thinking those questions. As I started to do my research to learn more about what they were actually doing, I said to myself, “Brittiany, you can do that. You wear nice clothes from different brands. You post exercise videos (at the time). You are into beauty/makeup.” Even though I thought about these things at the time, I still did not act upon it. Time continued to pass, I continued to pray about it, and I would constantly sit back and admire the fact that some of my favorite influencers were excelling.

Every day I log into my Instagram (IG) just to see what is new out there and to check my Direct Messages (DM). Needless to say, my DM’s weren’t popping. One day I checked my DM’s and I noticed that I had a message from a company based out of New York, NY, and the messenger asked me would I allow them to mail me an item to wear. They saw that I was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and the item that they wanted to mail me was green. At first, I’m thinking, “Lord is that you giving me a sign that this is what I am supposed to be doing?” Keep in mind that I had been contemplating, procrastinating, and praying for a sign to start blogging. Secondly, I’m thinking, “Is this just some scam page on IG?” Nevertheless, I took a chance and the company turned out to be legit. The package arrived at my residence and not only did it have a green shawl inside, but it also had a black shawl that I had no idea I was going to receive as well.

After taking photos in both of the items I posted the pictures on my Instagram. Shortly after that a company in Houston, TX reached out to me to become an ambassador for their company and to mail me these particular pair of trousers. That’s not all, a marketing specialist reached out to me on Facebook after seeing my photos. The Lord knew that if I was going to do this, I had to do this right. Most people who know me know I aim to be a perfectionist and that’s where some of my procrastination comes from. When she reached out to me, I didn’t hesitate with working with her, because I knew that I could explain to her what I wanted to do, and with her expertise she could execute my plan. This is when I knew that the first two signs were confirmation, but the marketing specialist was a third sign. I was thinking, “Okay let’s bring this blog into friition, because it’s go time.” I then contacted my photographer and I started preparing content for your viewing.

This may sound cliché, but go after whatever your heart desires. You never know if you will soar or fail unless you try to fly. I am so glad that this has happened for me now. The Lord will always let you know when it is time. With that being said, Happy 30th Birthday to Me, and I hope to catch you guys in my next blog.

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