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Holiday Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Every Christmas holiday I seem to struggle with finding gifts that I think my husband would love, because...well he simply has everything that I can possibly afford without having to "break the bank". If you shop for your significant other, dad, brother, uncle, or granddad, you can possibly understand exactly where I am coming from. So to help us ladies out this holiday season, I decided to create a luxury gift list and an inexpensive list to make shopping easier.

8 Luxury gifts for him

  1. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Series II- The noise cancelling headphones are great for gym sessions and can be your go-to for traveling. With the extra cushion for comfort, the headphones can be worn for an all-day usage. Originally $349.99, but they are currently on sale for $259.99. The headphones come in the two colors, black and silver.

  2. 65" Philips TV Class 4K Ultra HD- This TV would be a great addition to a man cave. It's currently $448, but you can catch it on sale for $278 at your local Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

  3. MVMT Watch -The MVMT is a unique jewelry brand that sells bracelets, sunglasses and watches. The watches range from colors: gold, black, white, bronze, gun metal, and many others. The watch prices range from $95-$300. I am an affiliate with this brand so enter the code "FULLOFBRIT15" to receive money off of your purchase.

  4. Apple Watch Series 3 - I remember locking my keys and cellphone in the car one day thinking how am I going to call someone to unlock the car. It dawned on me to use my Apple Watch that I was wearing and I called out from it. Having the data connectivity is a lifesaver. Comes in black and white.

  5. Propane Gas Grill - When I have a taste for grilled food and I don't want to wait 2-3hrs, my husband uses his grill to have a healthy grilled meal complete within 45 minutes. The grill also comes with a side burner, but the propane tanks are sold separately.

  6. Generator - Sometimes your electricity can be extinguished due to a storm or an accident, and it may seem like it takes forever for the electricians to restore your power. By having a generator you can continue on with your daily around the house activities and/or continue work from home.

  7. Nomatic Duffel Bag- The duffel bag has to be one of my favorite listed items. This versatile bag has 20+ features and it's great for the guy who likes to travel for days at a time. You can rid the hassle of running through the airport carrying multiple bags.

  8. Whiskey Crate Decanter - This is a unique and personalized gift for those weekend needs when he wants to relax from a stressful work week. Due to the craftsmanship of the decanter and the glasses, it keeps the ice cubes solid for hours.

8 gifts for Him under $100

  1. Black and Decker Tool Set- The 60pc. tool set will be perfect for the guy who likes to fix or build minor things around the house or work on their car.

  2. Luggage Travel Set- The 5pc. luggage set comes with a several different size suitcases whether if you‘re traveling for a short period or long period of time. The luggage also comes in navy blue.

  3. Echo Dot (Alexa)- I love the idea of being able to ask Alexa or tell her to play a certain song when I'm preparing to head out for the day, instead of draining the battery on my phone. When I want to know the weather or listen to music the voice controlled smart device allows Alexa to do those things for me.

  4. Candles- After purchasing the Mahogany Teakwood scented candle for my husband, he fell in love with the idea of having candles to burn in his home office. He stated that he would have never thought to get that for himself, but he's glad that I did. The candles are priced for $24.50, but they will be $8.95 on December 7th for the annual sale.

  5. Dress Shoes- The Steve Madden Prey brown leather dress shoes will pair nice with casual slacks, dress slacks, or a nice fitting suit.

  6. Workout Shoes- Looking and feeling stylish while in the gym makes going to the gym a little more easier. These black Nike React Element 55 are stylish, comfortable, and gym friendly. They are currently on sale for $96.97.`

  7. 3-way Wireless Apple charger- Do having too many cords get in the way and tangle up along side your bed while charging your electronics? With this 3-way charger, my charging nights are made easier.

  8. Electric Toothbrush- This Oral B electric bluetooth toothbrush pairs with smart phones to give feedback on your brushing habits. It's round brush head is designed to break down plaque with the micro-pulse bristles. This toothbrush also comes in white.


If you are in search for nice luxurious and inexpensive items for your significant other, mom, grandmother, sister, or aunt, check out some of the items that I have rounded up for you. These items are for all women, and have no age limit. Let me help you get your Holiday gift shopping off to the right start.

8 Luxury Gifts for Her

  1. Luggage Set- I travel quite a bit and I notice that almost every trip there is some type of mark, scratch, or tear on the cloth of my luggage after retrieving it. The workers have no regard for your items, so I told myself that I needed to do away with the cloth style luggage and fine a more sustainable one. This lightweight Rockland 3pc. champagne luggage set is made up of material that is used to manufacture bulletproof glass. You can't ignore the fact that it is stylish as well.

  2. Apple AirPods- I can't leave the house without my AirPods. They are so convenient when I want to carry as less as possible to the gym, and it allows me to be hands free while taking a phone call. They are reg. $159, but they're currently on sale for $139.

  3. Watch- A women can never have too many watches, because if she's like me, I like to have a watch to match my wardrobe. I didn't have a rose gold watch in my arsenal, so I collaborated with MVMT, who is a jewelry brand for men and women. Being that I have a partnership with them, you can use my code "FULLOFBRIT15" at check out on any item(s), to receive money off of your purchase.

  4. Boots- I have several pair of black boots, and I probably don't need anymore, but I couldn't resist listing these over-the-knee boots. The Steve Madden Domain Thigh High Boots are sleek, flirty, and can be paired with a dress, shorts, jeans, or skirt. These boots are a staple item.

  5. Coat- Anyone who knows me know that I practically live in Zara. I tend to purchase a lot of there items, but their coats are of such great quality. This camel long pocket double breasted coat is made up of a linen blend, which makes the coat more durable. The black buttons pairs well with the camel color to give the coat a bit of a contrast for more wearable options.

  6. Earrings- Every lady should own a pair of pearls and if she doesn't, this is a nice gift to add to her jewelry box. The freshwater cultured pearl stud earrings are reg. $199, but are on sale for $149.

  7. Camera- In todays world everyone loves to capture memories, whether they are for memory/keepsake, or just "doing it for the gram". The Canon GX7 Mark ii has been rated vloggers #1 go-to camera for recording videos. It is hand held friendly, which makes it easier to hold, and the clarity of video footage is amazing. Not only is the camera for filming videos, but it makes for nice photos as well.

  8. Fragrance- Does she love designer perfumes? If so, you should check out the Tiffany & Co. Eau De Parfum Set.

8 gifts for Her under $100

  1. Workout shoes- 2020 is around the corner and we all know that's the time some people start setting new year resolutions to get back in the gym. If she has made that a goal for 2020, purchase her a nice pair of Nike React Element 55 to jump start her fitness journey in style. These cute Nike are on sale for $76.97.

  2. Packing cubes- Having these packing cubes have been a game changer for me when packing. I no longer struggle to keep my clothes neat and organized in my luggage, because the cubes do that for me. If you have a problem with overpacking like me, this will help you keep things to a minimum and under the luggage weight limit.

  3. Steamer- Not all hotels have a steamer, and not everyone wants to risk placing a hot iron on satin or tulle material. This travel size steamer is great for when you want to knock out the wrinkles in your clothes after they've been folded in your luggage for hours while traveling.

  4. Travel size ring light- This has to be one of the best items on this list. I can't count how many times I have traveled out of town and the bathroom lighting in the hotels are horrible, which in turn makes my makeup application appear flawed. I can sit the ring light on a desk/table and get the my makeup applications as flawless as if I had the bigger ring light.

  5. Tumblers- These tumblers are so cute and personable. Being able to sit the larger tumblers to the side and grab this personal size one, will come in handy. It'll keep any beverage cold, and it comes with a straw to reduce giving your self a drink bathe. There are many color options and color combos for you to choose from.

  6. Satin Pajamas- Victoria's Secret is known for their intimates and sleepwear. I found these black satin pajama set and couldn't resist sharing it. The top and bottom are sold separately, but still reasonably priced. Use code "Ship50" for free shipping.

  7. Planner- As a blogger influencer, I realized that within my first year that if I don't have a planner, things just won't go as smooth. Organization and planning is key with any successful business or just for someone who likes to stay prepared ahead of time. I found the Luxurious Lifestyle Planner and I was sold initially based off of the 3D designed cover.

  8. 4ct. wine- Some women like to have a glass of wine to whine down after a stress filled day, and sometimes with special meals for dinner. I am an affiliate with Winc and you can purchase 4 bottles of wine by using my link. Winc wine is a handcrafted wine company with a variety of wine options to fit your palette. You will be able to select 4 wines of your choice all for $39. You'll thank me later.

I hope that you found something(s) for him or her that you think they would enjoy. Please remember that Black Friday is in a few days and the prices for some of the items are subject to change.

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