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finalLEEone Wedding | One Year Anniversary

"Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary!" I am utterly excited to be sharing all of the details to my glam, chic, and luxurious wedding. I wish I could have shared more after the wedding, but we were sent off to our honeymoon, the holidays were coming back to back, and then it was immediately back to business once we returned from St. Lucia. Now that I'm settled in as a new wife and reality has set in, I figured it's time to share. So, for our one year anniversary, I am going to share with you guys all of the elaborate details about my big day! From my gorgeous gown to my luxurious venue and my awesome photographers and videographers who captured it all.

Secured the Fiancé.

If you have planned a wedding before, you know that it is a process, especially when you have a lot of stipulations. After sulking in all of the pre-marital bliss, I quickly shifted my focus to search for the best wedding dress designer in Dallas, TX. I was determined to find the designer who I knew would execute my vision and one that I would be beyond happy and satisfied with the final product. Now I know you're probably thinking, "Didn't you put the cart before the horse, because you haven't mentioned a wedding planner yet?" Well, yes and no. I figured that as long as I secured the designer for my dress, which would take the longest to complete in production time, I knew that I would have had enough time to find the best suited wedding planner.

Say "Yes" to the dress

Social media has become the next best thing to Google, especially when I am searching for something in particular locally or internationally. So of course, I logged into Instagram and began to hash tag, "Dallas Designers." After a few scrolls down the page I stumbled across the Nigerian designer, Esé Azénabor. Shortly after browsing through her work, I knew that she was my dress designer. With Esé's business being in such high demand, I had to make an initial appointment with her for our first meeting. While working with her on the sketch of my dress, we decide to make my dress a 3-part dress. My dress was form fitting, bedazzled with crystals and lace, 3D florals, a custom sweetheart neck line, detachable arm crystals, and a lush 14ft tulle train. Throughout the production process I met with Esé several times in between to make sure the proper customizations were complete.

The Wedding Planner

Shortly after my first meeting with Esé I met with my wonderful wedding planner, Christy Record, with Swank Soireé. Prior to being engaged I knew what I wanted my dream wedding to look like, but none of my vision could have been executed to this magnitude if it were not for Christy and her team. I'm more than sure that Christy knew that after the first meeting that she had her work cut out for her. She never complained or made me settle for anything that I absolutely did not love or match my aesthetic. When my big day arrived, Swank Soireé ensured us that everything was just the way that we hoped for it to be.


When it came down to selecting a certain venue, I envisioned the style of my wedding, which made it easier to narrow down the types of venues that I would be interested in. My Matron of Honor and I started looking online at "The Knot" for venues. She texted me one day with the link to the venue and said, "This is the venue," and I couldn't have agreed with her more after seeing the 3D demo. It was so breathtaking. From the marble floors, high ceilings, light fixtures, bride and groom room, and the outside scenery. At that moment I knew my search was over, and I contacted Knotting Hill Place for an official tour. I met with the owners, Brian and Becky Banner, and they were so welcoming and eager to fill me in on all of the future details of the venue. The Banner's were nice enough to ask Terrance and I write letters to each other to place inside of the walls before completing the building phase. That had to be one of the most sentimental things that they could have asked of us. I now not only look at this as a place where we had our wedding, but a soul-tie with Knotting Hill Place and we are happy to be apart of their history.

Bourgeoisie on a budget

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is making a budget and sticking with it, which can be difficult for some. I'm not going to give out an exact dollar amount on what we spent for our wedding, because everyone should budget for what they can ultimately afford. It may sound cliché, but don't go broke trying to pay for a wedding because you do have to live after that day is over. We knew that instead of having our parents pay for the wedding, the traditional way, that we would be responsible for approximately 95% of it. Initially we set out a budget, but that quickly changed after incorporating the venue, all real flowers, food, and the reception. However, my husband knew my vision and he wanted to make sure I was happy. If you haven't quite figured it out yet let me tell you, Terrance is the financial advisor in our household, so he made sure that we didn't agree to anything that we knew we couldn't afford. The goal was to make sure that we didn't have any lingering debt when the wedding was over, and we accomplished that goal. If you don't take anything else from this blog post, remember to do what you can afford and figure out what you can and cannot do without.

Have your cake and eat it too

Terrance and I are blessed beyond measure to have been able to have the grand wedding that most people dream of. Believe it or not, I did have to eliminate somethings that I thought I wanted. Being a person who pays attention to detail can be a pro and a con. If you are like me, the question you should ask yourself is, "What would the average person pay attention to at a wedding," and the things that you do not mention are the things you should eliminate. For example, the thing that I eliminated was making all 9 tiers on my cake real. I had 3 or 4 layers that were actually cake, and the other 5 or 6 were dummy layers dressed in buttercream icing. You have to ask yourself, "Who is going to eat all 9 tiers of the cake and who will know it's actually a dummy tier?” You could even consider that if your dress is long, your shoes probably won't be seen. So why spend thousands on Jimmy Choo's or Christian Louboutin's? Saving on these two items alone can save you thousands of dollars and you'll be glad you did.

finalLEE One!

If I could relive this day, I wouldn't hesitate, because the day seemed to have passed by so, so quickly. They say time flies when you're having fun, but in this case, time flies when you are preparing to meet your significant other at the alter. Seeing the doors open and my handsome husband waiting on me at the alter and our close family and friends there to support us, gave me all the feels. There were fresh florals around the room, the lights were flickering from the candles onto the crystals on my dress, and the ambiance was set. Walking down the isle knowing that I was about to put a ring onto my husband's finger and vowing to never leave his side, was a feeling like no other. There's no doubt that he didn't feel the same way. And boy was that a kiss that we landed on each other when the officiant said, "You may kiss your bride." Oh! I just get all of the feels. Afterwards we stuck around for bridal and family portraits while our guest indulged in hors d'oeuvres and listened to the saxophonist play sweet tunes during the cocktail hour. We then danced the night away at our romantic chic reception, and rode off to happily ever after.

Grand FinaLEE

When deciding on the style of my wedding video I wanted the concept of the video to not be your average 5 to 8 minute wedding video, but the idea was to make it similar to a short movie. I wanted White Prophecy to capture as many moments of my big day as possible, because Terrance and I wanted to be able to look at this video 10 years from now and relive our wedding day. The videographer, Trajuan, was also able to create me a 1 minute wedding trailer as a preview to the actual wedding video. That trailer left me excited and ready to witness the actual wedding video. I had so many things I wanted to add and/or take away for the wedding video and Trajuan was willing to make everything come together the way that I wanted.

Must I continue? I'm sure you guys have had enough of reading and most of you if not all of you came for the wedding photos and the wedding video. But before you go, don't forget to view the rest of the photos and the Vendor Links below. For quality viewing please download the app Vimeo here for iOS users and here for Android users, if you do not have it currently. Grab your blanket, popcorn, your favorite beverage, and enjoy the show.

Vendor Links

Groom/ Groomsmen Suit: Don Morphy

Groom's Shoes: Louis Vuitton

Bowties: Well Groomed Men

Groom's Ring: Rockford Collection

Barber: Bladze (Solo)

Bride's Hair: Zacqulynn McKinney and Maria Munguia

Bride's Second Dress: Pink Lucy

Bride's Rings: Tiffany & Co.

Bridesmaid's Hair: Ebony Pender

Pastor/Officiant: Theron Jackson

MUA: Glam by Cham

Florals/Designer: Belle Decor

Photographer: Teshorn Jackson

Videographer: White Prophecy

DJ: AnWhat Entertainment; Hollywood Bay Bay

Saxophonist: Clarence Reese

Lighting: Harmland Visions

Catering Company: Low Country Quisine

Bakery: Posh Cakes

Special Rentals: DFW Dance floors

Exit Car: Rolls Royce DFW

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